Saturday, March 23, 2013

Safety Training

Over the last couple of days I've been taking advantage of some safety training courses, that are available as refresher courses for commercial fishermen.   I also use Gwen-Paul-M for commercial shellfish potting as well as angling.

As a minimum requirement to go to sea as a commercial fisherman, whether crew or skipper, the following certificates are needed; Sea Survival, First Aid, Firefighting, and Safety Awareness. I have completed these courses some years ago, but despite the fact that they were still valid its always good to have a refresher. Also the courses change from year to year, as opinions of how to deal with certain situations alter, especially in First Aid.

So yesterday we ended up in Llandudno swimming pool inflating a liferaft and climbing in and out, which was actually good fun in the end.  Hopefully I never have to deploy a liferaft in anger but it is great to do it in a controlled environment, so that you know exactly what will happen if the raft is needed.

Today I completed the First Aid Course.  Tomorrow, as the angling trip is cancelled due to strong easterly winds, I will be able to attend the Firefighting course.  I will also attend a Stability Course next month which is an very important aspect of commercial fishing boat operation.

I have resheduled tomorrow's angling trip (10 hour) for April 7th and there is one place left on it. Winter still grips us and as frosts are forecast here all week I hope to manage a couple of late season winter climbs in Snowdonia at the end of this week.

I'm constructing a little history section in the website, about the business.  If anyone is interested, click on this link to have a look,

Friday, March 15, 2013

First angling trip of this Season.

I have 2 places on a a 10 hour angling trip on 24th March spare. Its a little early in the season and water temperature is colder than usual for this time of year, but if we're lucky with the weather and can travel in excess of 30 miles, we should have a good chance of some pollack on the offshore wrecks. So if you fancy braving the cold and taking a flyer on an early trip email or give me a bell. Cost £65, sail 0700.

'Gwen-Paul-M' has had her first refit over this last month. We've completed a considerable amount of routine engine and sterngear maintenance and have fitted a new piece of electronic equipment called StructureScan. It is a cross between an echo sounder and a sonar, giving a sidescan image of the seabed. It will help in wreck and rough ground location. Its linked to the repeater screen at the back on the wheelhouse so you'll be able to see it from the deck.  All the hull has been cleaned and polished and her bottom scrubbed. I went out last week on a lobster potting trip and found her to be a little quicker after all the cleaning!

I've been taking advantage of the cold weather this winter, mountaineering in Snowdonia and Scotland.  Its been a great season for one of my winter hobbies.